No surprise here, Red Dog loves dogs…and if you love your dog why wouldn’t you spoil the heck out of them and get them their own customized food and water bowls, and our treat jars!  Love your dogs like they love you…

Giant Dog BowlDog Bowls

Our customized dog bowls are a brushed stainless steel finish and have a rubber ring to prevent slippage on the floor. We have three sizes, “Weensie”, “Notso Giant” and “GIANT”.

Weensie is perfect for your weensie dog-think Maltese, lil Yorkie dogs, teeny things of that nature. “Notso Giant” would be the size for the fabulous Labs, Goldens, German Short Haired, and so on. We recommend “GIANT” for your Great Danes, St. Bernard and if you are oh so special, Tibetan Mastiffs. “GIANT” is also highly recommended for an accompanying water bowl for medium and large dogs.

Treat Jar'sTreat Jars

Three different sized treat jars are available to customize for your favorite four-legged friend.



Puppy PintsPuppy Pints

Cheers to your pup in custom glasses with their breed on them! Customize them with your name, your pups name-and more…


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