Glassware Pricing

Pricing for our glassware products are below. For the sandblasted products, all prices shown are the BASE prices for each item. The base price is the starting price. A final price for each order is determined by intricacy of design, one side or two, and add on’s such as bottoms up, dots and stems, etc. Pricing can also vary depending on quantity ordered.

Each order will always come with a price estimate before production and a final invoice.



16 oz. Pint

A. $18 B. $21 C. $24

20 oz. Mixing Glass

A. $18 B. $21 C. $24

15 Oz. Beer Mug

A. $18 B. $21 C. $24

25 Oz. Beer Mug

A. $22 B. $26 C.n/a

12.5 Oz. Beverage

A. $17 B. $20 C. $23

9 Oz. Rocks Glass

A. $17 B. $20 C. $23

23 Oz. Pilsner

A. $19 B. $22 C. $25

13 Oz. Coffee Mug

A. $14 B. $17 C. $20


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