This is how our company started, customizing glasses for friends and teammates. Glassware is the meat and potatoes of Red Dog Glass. Over the years we added our other products, our side dishes and desserts if you will. So, whether you need a set of fancy flutes for your best friends wedding, a keepsake vase for Aunt Marion’s 70th or a set of pint glasses for your neighbors housewarming gift-we have you covered. Browse our available glassware below and hit up our galleries to see examples of previous work.  With so many options of “etchables” we can find items to fit any budget.

What’s special about Red Dog Etchables?

Each etched product from Red Dog is done individually using a sandblasting technique, NOT with a surface treatment such as laser or chemical etching. The difference is absolutely one you can see and feel. If you are comparing prices for etched glassware, make sure you are comparing apples to apples! Sandblasting the glassware versus laser or chemical etching cuts deeper into the glass and let’s be honest, it’s just way sexier.

 Available Glassware:

Click on the images to see a larger description of each glass.  If you have a glass in mind, and you don’t see it-shoot us an email and we will find it for you!  The below are our most popular.

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