Red Dog Gives Back

reddoggivesbackRed Dog has always been a small company created with big ideas. After ten years in business and having ten years of experience under our paws, we are looking to take things with our work to the next level.

What is our idea of the next level?
Being successful enough to be able to give back

What is our idea of success?
Two parts:Part one-on a personal level, success to us is being happy. Having good friends and support around us, around our work and around our business. We’ve achieved that and continue to grow our base of support and relationships-they are afterall, what jump started us to where we are now! Part two-on a business level, success is being confident in our work, in our product and what we have to offer. With over 10 years of wonderful response and feedback we think we’ve got that angled covered as well.

With all of that being said, Red Dog is proud to be able to take our work to the next level, and as stated before…that to us, is to give back with our “Red Dog Gives Back” Campaigns.


Wake Forest #5: This shirt was designed in honor of Maria Whitehead, a good friend of ours who Screenshot 2013-12-31 17.49.58passed away far too soon after losing her battle with skin cancer at the young age of 25. $5 from every shirt was donated back to The Maria Whitehead Memorial Scholarship Fund. To read more about Maria or do donate to her cause, click here. 


Screenshot 2013-12-31 17.49.41Colorado Firefight: This shirt was designed to raise money for the victims of the Colorado wildfires. Money from each shirt was donated to



BScreenshot 2013-12-31 17.48.19oston United:  This t-shirt designed by Jill Beilke, friend of Red Dog Designs.  A Boston native, Jill was at the marathon rooting on her sister, Caitlin, who was only a half-mile from the finish line when the bombs went off. Thankfully both Jill and Caitlin were safe and unharmed. We teamed up with Jill to design a t-shirt as part of another Red Dog Gives Back campaign. All Proceeds will go directly to “The One Fund Boston” foundation.


Restore the Shore: In an effort to help those suffering from Hurricane Sandy, we’ve designed a Restore The Shore t-shirt . We raised $16,000 on this campaign and donated $2,000 each to 8 separate families that were affected by Hurricane Sandy.Screenshot 2013-12-31 17.50.24


Keep Phighting: Stephanie Waszena was battling cancer since February 2010 when she was diagnosed with metastatic colon cancer which spread to her liver, lungs and abdomen.  Steph passed away this June, 2014.  Funds raised helped to go towards the cost of medical expenses she and her family incurred throughout her fight.Keep Phightin'