Choosing the Right Custom Screen Printer

Companies and organizations recognized for professional excellence look at custom screen printing as a way to establish their names and logos in the world of consumers. Creating and perfecting the design for an organization’s apparel and applying the lettering and logo require expertise. In the consumer’s mind, the quality of the apparel represents the quality of the company employees wearing it.


A business that has only an idea of what its apparel should look like or that wants to spice up an old design can get the help it needs at a full-service manufacturer of decorated apparel, which has a team of artists with years of experience. Experienced artists know what makes a design or drawing appealing to consumers, and they know what colors and font best represent the company’s character.

A unique digital image or drawing is just the first step. The fabric used for custom screen printing is also important. Team apparel is often of soft breathable jersey material or sometimes microfiber. Cotton, polyester, rayon, silk and dozens of other fabrics woven loosely or tightly are options that teams and organization, retailers and businesses may choose for their custom apparel.

The color of the fabric, lettering and design is important to the overall tone of the apparel.Custom screen printing projects require that the design is “separated” into the individual colors. This process can be simple, such as one color and spot color jobs, or spot color with halftone separation, which varies in difficulty. The four color digital is more difficult, and the simulated process, applying color-rich graphics to color apparel, is the most difficult.


When all the details are ironed out and the actual printing begins, a company must make sure the custom screen printers are capable of putting out the apparel envisioned. A qualified representative of the company inspects the screen printer’s previous work, especially if the company has chosen a more complex process. He should ask questions and express concerns relevant to the process his company’s apparel must undergo.

Custom screen printing has been around for a long time. The representative should consider the longevity of the company chosen to manufacture its apparel, and how long it will take. If the company is looking for 20,000 shirts in two weeks, the representative needs to make sure the manufacturer is able to produce that amount.

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